Damaged or Defective Items

While Skar Audio does its best to prep and package every order as safely as possible, we know it is frustrating when an item arrives damaged or defective. This is why we provdie free shipping on damaged or defective items so that they can be returned for a refund immediately so long as you notify us within 30 days from the date of purchase.

To return an item that has arrived defective or damaged, please click below and follow the instructions provided. We look forward to resolving this for you immediately!

Instructions to Return A Damaged Item

  1. Click Return my Item above
  2. Enter your Order Number
  3. Enter your ZipCode from your Shipping Address
  4. Select New Return
  5. Select the appropriate information regarding your return
    1. Select the Quantity to Return
    2. Select Return for a Refund
    3. Select the proper reason that matches your issue
    4. Add any additional notes you feel are important
  6. Click Submit Return Request

Important Note: This process is reserved for items that were purchased from Skar Audio's website directly. If your ebay or Amazon order arrives damaged, please refer to our help articles for Amazon and ebay on how to create a return for a refund.

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