Why was my order canceled?

Updated 2 years ago by Jordan Alexander

In some cases, Skar Audio receives an order and is notified the order cannot ship due to various reasons. When these instances occur, Skar Audio will contact you via email at the email address provided on your order to acknowledge the exact reason for the cancelation.

Please see the detailed reasons below on why this happens and what the best course of action is to correct the issue.

Incorrect or Invalid Shipping Address Provided

Skar Audio will cancel orders that have the following destination or address type along with addresses that are missing information as seen below:

  1. Types of Invalid Destinations or Address Types
    1. P.O. Boxes
    2. APO/FPO Addresses
  2. Incomplete or Impartial Address
    1. Missing Apartment #'s
    2. Missing Suite #'s
    3. Unable to Validate Address

How can I replace my order to ensure it is successfully processed and does not get canceled again?

  • Simply replace your order on our website, this time ensuring that you enter a complete and valid destination shipping address during checkout.
  • If you are unsure if your address is valid, we recommend authenticating it by seeing if a simple Google search populates the address correctly, as our order verification team will make this same effort before ever canceling an order.

Order was identified as a being a High Risk of Fraud

In an effort to combat the ever-growing problem of identity theft and fraudulent transactions within the e-commerce marketplace, Skar Audio employes a high level of complex fraud controls that examine the metadata of each transaction including payment data, card information, billing and shipping address information, order history, device, and IP data. This data is run through an algorithm that helps us detect when a transaction has a high risk of being fraudulent, and in most cases does so with spot-on accuracy. When this happens, our Fraud team cancels and refunds the order while emailing the address provided on the order to acknowledge why the order was canceled.

How can I replace my order to ensure it is successfully processed and does not get canceled again?

  • Simply replace your order on our website, this time ensuring that you select PayPal as your payment method when completing the checkout process.
  • PayPal adds an added level of security when checking-out for both the consumer and the merchant.
  • Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we should be able to process your order successfully if PayPal is used during checkout.

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