Opening Order / Monthly Minimums

Skar Audio requires all new dealers who open an account with Skar Audio to place a minimum opening order of $1,500 or more.

While there is no minimum amount currently, to keep your dealer account active with Skar Audio an order must be placed every 30 days. As long as something is ordered, regardless of the amount, we will keep your account active with Skar Audio.

Many of our dealer partners elect to make large stocking orders monthly to replenish their inventory, keep items on hand for quick warranty resolution, and be able to provide same day service with our most popular products.

Because of the popular demand to carry Skar Audio, we actively review our dealer accounts to ensure that monthly minimums are being met. Should your account become delinquent by having more than 30 days between orders, we reserve the right to deactivate your dealer account in favor of another account that wishes to carry the line in your territory.

If your account should become inactive and you wish to carry the product again we will review to ensure that the territory is still open and that your account can be reactivated. Additionally, you would be required to restart your dealer account with a minimum $1,500 order.

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