RMS vs Peak Power

When searching for the right pairing of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, users are going to want to pair items that properly rated from a power standpoint. The audio industry has two ratings for power handling that are commonly found when viewing the specifications of each of these components above. It is important to understand the difference in each rating to understand how to pair items correctly.

Peak Power

Sometimes referred to as Max Power, the Peak Power is used to measure the power handling ability of the specific audio component.

  • Amplifiers
    • Peak Power is the measure of the amplifier's ability to provide its maximum power for short bursts of time.

  • Subwoofers/Speakers
    • Peak Power is the measure of a speaker or subwoofer's ability to sustain short bursts of power from an amplifier.
    • Speakers and subwoofers are not built to be played consistently at their peak power

Root Mean Square (RMS) Power

Root Mean Square, or more commonly referred to as RMS Power, is the measure of continuous power that an amplifier can output or that a speaker/subwoofer can handle. RMS power.

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