What is Skar Audio's Warranty Policy?

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This documentation covers Skar Audio's warranty policy which is included with every product purchased new from an authorized Skar Audio retailer. We pride ourselves on a best in industry warranty experience from start to finish. It has been our policy since day one that no customer should have to jump through hoops during the process, so we facilitate warranties quickly and fluidly.

Please refer to the subsections of our warranty policy below to determine which applies to your Skar Audio product(s).

Amplifier Warranty Policy

All new Skar Audio amplifiers are covered under a 2 year limited warranty when purchased from an authorized Skar Audio dealer. Please check out dealer section to see if you are purchasing from an authorized dealer before making the purchase to ensure that you are covered. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, misuse, running at improper impedance levels, product neglect, or improper installation. If you damage that amplifier and get it repaired by anyone other then Skar Audio this will also void the warranty. Warranties are NOT transferable should you decide to sell your amplifier to a third party.

Skar Audio emphasizes the use of email for contact as it is the fastest way to begin the warranty process. You can find a contact form on the contact us page above to start the warranty process. All warranty claims are handled immediately and after making contact with us, you are responsible for prepaid shipping to the Skar Audio headquarters. Again, you must contact us before sending an amplifier in for warranty, or the package will be rejected. Upon contacting Skar Audio, you will be issued a return authorization number to which will accompany your package and allow us to identify it and handle the claim when receiving it. Skar Audio holds sole determination in whether your amplifier will be replaced or repaired. If your amplifier is determined to be defective by our technicians, and is going to be replaced, Skar Audio reserves the right to replace the unit with a certified refurbished amplifier for any unit that is beyond the initial 30 day return / exchange policy. You can expect a one week turn around time from the time we receive your broken amplifier.

Skar Audio will cover return shipping on the new or repaired amplifier so long as it was actually defective. If a customer sends in a product by mistake that actually is in perfect working condition, the customer will be responsible for freight on the return shipment. Skar Audio insures all products when shipping them, and in the event you get an item back damaged please contact us so we can start a claim process with the shipping carrier (extremely rare, but is possible). Also note, the customer sending in a defective product is responsible for making sure that is properly and safely packaged upon sending it out.

To find the warrantied ohm load an amplifier is covered under, please visit that specific product page and in the product information you will find the exact ohm load each amplifier can handle. Should your amplifier stop working or break outside of the 2 year warranty period, we are proud to have you as an existing Skar Audio customer and offer a discount replacement program. This program in simple form replaces the broken unit at a reduced cost when compared to MSRP. Again, please contact us via E-Mail as this cannot  be handled over the phone. Because Skar Audio equipment is of such a high caliber, if you do manage to break your amplifier, we offer this program so that you can get back into the same quality product you originally purchased at a reduced cost. This reduced cost is only offered to the original purchaser of the Skar Audio product from an authorized dealer and is not able to transfer with resale like the warranty does.

Skar Audio will handle all warranty claims from internet sales directly. If you purchase from an authorized retailer (locally) please bring your product back to that dealer and they will handle the warranty process for you. Please email us if you have purchased the product from an internet retailer (authorized) found on the dealer page to begin the warranty claim process. Skar Audio does not issue cash refunds in place of a warranty on a broken product and reserves sole discretion in the handling of it's warranty process. 

Speakers and Subwoofers Warranty Policy

Similar to the amplifier warranty policy, your Skar Audio subwoofer and speaker products are covered under a 2 year limited warranty as well! Like the amplifier policy, this does not cover improper installation, misuse, running more then recommended power (which can be found on the product information page for each product), accidental misuse or damage, abuse, or improper wiring. The warranty will also be void if it is found that the product in question is modified or repaired by any other third party besides Skar Audio. Please be very aware that we test all of our subwoofers and speakers before they ship and misuse of a subwoofer or speaker that leads to a burnt voice coil or other damage from to much power is not covered under warranty. If your unit is found to be defective by our technicians, and is going to be replaced under the warranty, Skar Audio reserves the right to replace your subwoofer with a certified refurbished unit. If you find that you have a problem or defect with a subwoofer or speaker, to begin the warranty claim process (which we pride ourselves on speed for), please use the contact us form at the top of this page and fill it out stating the problem you are having. We will reply within 12 hours on a business day with a return authorization number which must be included when sending the product to us. The freight must be prepaid by the customer and must include the return authorization number or the product will be rejected. Skar Audio is not responsible for any damage in result from use of this product. By using a Skar Audio speaker, subwoofer, or amplifier - you are accepting full responsibility for the use of the products. Skar Audio is not responsible for loss of hearing, damage to person or property, other person or property, vehicle, and is not limited to just the items described herein. Please contact us if you have any questions at all about our warranty policy. We are happy to assist all inquires with the same due speed we offer to all of our prospective and current customers.

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