Skar Audio Rewards Points (Discontinued)

Effective July 21, 2021, the Skar Audio Rewards Points program was discontinued and all purchases ceased to accrue new points from this point forward. Below you will find answers to common questions, as well as, important information regarding the discontinuation of this program and the handling of remaining point balances or coupon codes.

Due to the increased cost of doing business post pandemic, combined with with our goal to keep prices as low as possible, we had to make the difficult decision to shut down the rewards program.

Any points accured that remained unused prior to the discontinuation of the Skar Audio Rewards Program were converted into a single discount code to be used on a future purchase of your choosing. This code was emailed to the registered email address used at the time of signup for the Skar Audio Rewards Program.

If you have already redeemed some or all of your points for a discount code that you have not used on an order, these codes will remain active and usable for a future order. Any points remaining that have not been redeemed for a coupon code will have a code created for them and emailed to you.

In order for a discount code to be created, your account balance for reamining points has to be greater than or equal to 1,000 points or more as coupons cannot be redeemed for less than 1,000 points ($10).

The discount code provided for the remainder of your unused point balance can only be used on a single order. If the full amount of the code is not used on the purchase, the reamining points are surrendered and not usable for a future purchase.

Please ensure that you take advantage of the full amount of the coupon code.

The discount code will only apply to products that are at their full price. Items purchased during a sale period or that are already discounted beyond Skar Audio's normal, everyday pricing cannot be further discounted with the discount code provided.

Skar Audio is unable to apply a discount code to an existing order or an order that has already been completed. The discount code will need to be used on a future order and applied prior to checkout.

Please check your order to ensure that the discount code has applied effectively prior to submitting your order.

The discount code can only be applied to orders that are placed on Skar Audio's website. The code will not apply to any purchases made at any authorized retailers including Amazon, eBay, or any local Skar Audio Dealers.

Once the discount code is used, it is not able to be refunded or returned. Please ensure the items you are purchasing are the correct items your wish to purchase. Any additional funds paid above and beyond the discount code amount is still refundable if the product is returned.

Yes, Skar Audio's traditional warranty will still apply to these purchases.

Each discount code is linked to the email address that was used to register for the Skar Audio Rewards Points program. In order for the discount code to apply, you must be signed into your Skar Audio account with the email address at which you received your code.

If you find that this does not resolve the issue allowing you to proceed in submitting your order, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team referencing the error you have received.

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