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How Do I Become A Dealer?

Skar Audio is proud to partner with dealers throughout the country to help build the brand and spread the word on Skar Audio. Without the help of our partners in the field, Skar Audio would not be what it is today!

Going back to our roots, dealer partners have helped us grow to the company we are today and we would love to reciprocate.

Ready to join the team? You only need to meet a few simple requirements:

  1. A dealer must be based in a commercially zoned brick and mortar location with at least 1 installation bay
  2. A business license will be required (if applicable in your state)
  3. The business must be able to provide a Tax Resale Certificate
  4. A valid Tax ID is required
  5. There are no other Skar Audio Dealers established within a 10-mile radius of your location
  6. No online sales of Skar Audio product are allowed

If you meet the requirements above and would like to become part of the growing network of Skar Dealers around the country, we would love for you to apply!

To apply, simply fill out the application by clicking the link below.

Skar Audio Dealer Application

Once completed, one of our account specialists will review your application and respond within 24 hours.

Is there a Required Dealer Initial Opening Order Size?

Yes. Skar Audio requires that your minimum opening order be $1,000 or more once your application has been approved and your wholesale account has been created.

Is there a Monthly Minimum Purchase Amount to retain my account?

While there is no minimum amount currently, to keep your dealer account active with Skar Audio, an order must be placed every 30 days. As long as something is ordered, regardless of amount, we will keep your account active with Skar Audio.

Many of our dealer partners elect to make large stocking orders monthly to replenish their inventory, keep items on hand for quick warranty resolution, and be able to provide same day service with our most popular products.

At times, we have waiting lists of dealers to access the 10 Mile Radius we provide our dealers for their established territory. Because of the popular demand to carry Skar Audio, we actively review our dealer accounts to ensure that monthly minimums are being met. Should your account become delinquent by having more than 30 days between orders, we reserve the right to deactivate your dealer account in favor of another account that wishes to carry the line in your territory.

If your account should become inactive and you wish to carry the product again we will review to ensure that the territory is still open and that your account can be reactivated. You may be required to restart your dealer account with a minimum $1,000 order.

Do I receive free shipping as a Dealer?

We are proud to offer free shipping within the continental United States to all Skar Audio Dealers on any order over $1,000.

How can I order?

Skar Audio Dealers can order in two ways. Upon becoming a Skar Audio dealer, we will provide you with exclusive login credentials to our Dealer Portal. The dealer portal is your one stop shop for pricing, order history, and placing orders.

Current Dealer? Login Here

Dealers may also contact our Customer Service Team to place any orders. Please ensure if you are calling in to order that you are able to provide the account information, including associated email address, so we can locate your account quickly.

Our Customer Service Team can be reached at (888) 501-7527.

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